At the beginning of the work that gives the quality of wood material, drying is the appropriate conditions. Drying; In our facility, there are two drying ovens with a capacity of 55m3 and 30m3. We are pleased to have a wide variety of products in accordance with the demands of our customers. With the drying process, the quality of the wood material should be prevented and the humidity should be reduced according to the usage area. The properties of wood material with a hygroscopic structure vary according to the amount of moisture in it. The moisture that the wood material reaches according to the temperature and relative humidity of the air is called 'equilibrium moisture'. The air in the place where the wood material will be used must be dried in such a way as to provide a balance with temperature and relative humidity. According to the place of use, the desired moisture content of the wood material; Telephone, telegraph, electricity poles and sleepers to be impregnated with creosote 25%, 16-22% in carcass structures and wood materials to be used outdoors, 17-20% in barrel boards, 15 -16% on vehicles, airplanes, ship decks, Sports equipment, outdoor 12-16% for tools and garden furniture, 12-15% for exterior windows and doors, 10-12% for furnaces heated by stove, 6-10% for furnaces continuously heated by heating, 6-8% for parquet floors, 6-8% for radio and television production 6-8%, 6-8% for Coating and Plywood, 7-8% for Chipboard, 5-7% for Fiberboard. If the moisture values ​​given according to the place of use are not provided, the expansion and contraction of the wood material dimensions occurs; this is called 'work of wood'. As a result of the study of wood material cracking, warping, bending, tensile and so on. defects occur. Drying of wood material affects the following technical properties. • Dried trees have high nail and screw holding capacity. • The ability to paint, varnish and polish the wood with low moisture content increases. • In order to be able to impregnate wood material, its moisture must be reduced to 25%. • In order to perform the bending process, the moisture should not fall below 25% and after the bending process, the moisture should be dried to 5-8%. • Drying of wood material before cutting, planing, turning, shaping, drilling and sanding increases surface quality and reduces chip loss. • The high amount of moisture increases the weight of the wood material, which increases transport and stacking costs.

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